Welcome to Iyengar Yoga in Hexham!

I am an Iyengar Yoga teacher and have been teaching yoga classes in Hexham for ten years and practising yoga for eighteen years.

My classes are for everyone, whether you are new to yoga or have been practising for some time - everyone is welcome. Yoga will make you feel strong, improve your flexibility and posture and provide you with a sense of peace and balance. Yoga is a lifestyle which once incorporated into your self care routine will help you feel positive and happier.

Here are just a few reasons you should try Iyengar Yoga in particular :

  • It can be practiced safely by everyone, irrespective of age, physical condition and state of health
  • It’s a totally ‘holistic’ approach to wellbeing, working on the body, mind and emotions through the practice of physical postures (asanas)
  • Iyengar teachers undergo a rigorous training programme, with practical and written exams in anatomy, first aid, yoga philosophy and teaching theory. Once qualified we have to undertake continuous advanced training - we never stop training!